Healthy Tailgate Options

With fall quickly approaching and September here, we know that means one thing in the south: Football, and lots of it. Football also means tailgate parties where you are surrounded by unhealthy foods and beer. Here are a few tips to have fun, but still stay healthy:

  • Forgo the burgers, instead opt for a more healthy (but still filling option) like kabobs. These fun foods allow you to customize every portion of your meal. Try some shrimp or chicken with pineapple or your favorite veggies, all lightly seasoned with your favorite seasonings.
  • Potatoes are a staple with most tailgate parties. If they are a must, steer clear of potato salad and potato chips, both of which are full of fat and calories. Instead, put the grill master to work and have baked potatoes. A baked potato bar gives everyone options as to what they want on their potato and allows you the freedom of being healthy. Top your baked potato with things like salsa, spinach, black beans or Parmesan cheese, all of which can be healthy, in moderation.
  • Even though you are nixing the potato salad, you don’t have to completely get rid of the pasta salad. Use whole grain pasta to ensure you are getting all the nutrients possible to help keep your energy up the entire game!
  • Alcohol: If you feel like you must consume alcohol, set a limit ahead of time and opt for a light beer or Bloody Mary. With each serving of alcohol, make sure you are drinking the same amount of water to stay hydrated. On those hot days, you will become dehydrated even quicker. Always keep a bottle of water within arms reach.

While Tailgate parties are supposed to be fun, you don’t want to throw all your hard work and healthy habits out the window. You want to be full of energy and ready to go and cheer your team on to victory! Use these tips to have a great tailgate party everyone will want to be apart of!

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