Say Goodbye to Sun Spots

We are so excited to announce the new treatment to eliminate sun spots and get rid of skin tags!!

Katy is now offering CryoClear treatments. These quick, painless treatments use an intense freeze technology in order to get to the root of the problem! In a matter of seconds, you could be on your way to eliminating those stubborn sun spots.

This treatment is something you could do on your lunch break, or in between meetings.

With the CryoClear, you can expect a short treatment with no downtime. It simply takes a couple minutes for Katy to freeze the spot.

Over the next few days, you will be instructed to keep the area moisturized and clean. By day 10, you should start noticing the skin tag is coming off and the sun spots are lightening up. Within a month, you should notice complete healing. As your skin regenerates, you will continue to notice improvements.

Call now to schedule your appointment! (214) 730-6300

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