The “Magic Weight Loss Shot”

Putting on weight is a lot easier than taking it off. You may feel as if you blinked and you were 20+ pounds heavier, why doesn’t it work the opposite way? If you can gain weight quickly, why can’t you take it off quickly?

What if we told you you could lose 15-20 pounds in 21 days? No, we’re not magicians. We aren’t suggesting you starve yourself and have an all liquid diet for weeks on end.

Used mainly in our spa as a jump start to healthy living, HCG is the answer to the age old question– how can I lose weight fast?

Recently, our weight loss consultant decided to embark on a 21 day journey to lose some unwanted pounds. After a total of 27 days, she managed to lose and keep 22 pounds off. With 7 inches lost, her clothes are fitting looser. She has more energy and is slowly reintroducing exercise and a well-balanced maintenance life style.

HCG is definitely the best way to kick off a healthy life style. HCG helps eliminate cravings and detoxes the body from processed foods, sugars and carbohydrates. Upon completion, a patient is slowly reintroduced to a more long-term, easy healthy living.

To find out if HCG, or one of our other weight loss programs, is right for you, call to set up a consultation with Nichole. Let Nichole help you achieve your New Years Resolution of losing weight and keeping it off!


Call now! (214)730-6300


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