Big Taste, Small Waist

If you are trying to lose a few pounds or just wanting to maintain your weight Healthwise is the answer for you. They are low carb, low sugar, high protein meal replacements. They feel you up and keep you going all day. They are a delicious way to get the pounds off or just stay on track. Healthwise has several different options ranging from shakes to soups to chili and many breakfast options to. We also offer the Healthwise supplements that help you with hunger and cravings and inch loss these supplements will give you energy all through the day.


What is Healthwise?

Healthwise is a brand out of  Georgia that specializes in nutrition- specifically meal replacements and supplements. They offer a wide variety of meal replacements like: soups, pastas, shakes, and bars; as well as a variety of snack replacements. All of the food is rich in protein and flavor while being low calorie and low carb.

At Premier Med Spa, we use Healthwise for weight loss and weight maintenance phases of certain diet programs.


Do I eat anything else besides this brand of food?

The joys of Healthwise means you can cook your own food, or eat the Healthwise products! With how simple it is to prepare any of the Healthwise meal replacements, you may find yourself reaching for a soup mix instead of all the pots and pans needed to cook your own meals!


How do they help me lose weight?

Healthwise products are high in protein to keep you fuller, longer. This paired with the low calorie, low carb makes for an overall lower calorie intake each day. The extra protein may even make you feel more energetic and be ready to go out and do more rigorous activities! You will be amazed at how much more energy when you are feeding your body for fuel and not for pleasure.


Do they taste like “diet food”?

The great part about Healthwise is they are healthy food, without the “diet food” taste! Our clients even come back to tell us their children ate all of their snack bars thinking they were for them! Healthwise has all the great flavors of the food you know and love, without all the added calories.


I am always on the go, will I be able to do this diet?

This diet is perfect for those always busy. Simply add water, shake and you’re on your way. The soups are easy to make in 60 seconds. Add water, stir, heat up and you’re ready to go! With how busy everyone’s lives are, Healthwise is the solution to the “I have no time to cook, I will just run through the drive thru.” These soups will be prepared quicker than even the drive thrus!


If you are interested in starting on a Healthwise program or just maintaining your weight, schedule an appointment with Nichole to discuss all of our options and how Healthwise can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

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