Paying for Quality

Do  you  shop  for  Botox  and  fillers  by  price?  
Don’t. All too often, we get calls asking how much our Botox is… Although we love that potential clients and current clients are inquiring about Botox, we hate that question… Here’s why:
It’s  much  more  important  to  shop  for  skills  and  expertise  versus  price.
Have  you  been  out  and  about  and  seen  women  whose  face  looks like a deformed Barbie doll?    Maybe  one  eyebrow  is  higher  than  the  other,  or  their  lips  are  so  big
that  they  look  like  someone  blew  them  up,  don’t  scare  your  kids  and  others.
When  I  see  that,  I  feel  sorry  for  them  because  obviously  they  went  to  the  wrong
person  and  the  wrong  med  spa.
So,  what  can  you  do  to  keep  that  from  happening  to  you?
Here  are  some  tips  to  ensure  you  are  in  good  hands:  
1.  Do  your  homework  –  check  out  who  is  the  best.
2.  Research  their  reputation  and  reviews.
3.  Call  them  and  reserve  a  consultation – this gives both you and the injector time to go over your expectations, goals and budget.
4.  Ask:
a.    How  long  they  have  been  performing  injections,  and  to  see  their
b.    In  addition,  ask  to  view  before  and  after  pictures.
c.    And,  if  they  are  licensed  professionals.
5.  Do  they  offer  a  follow-­‐‑up  visit  and  provide  before  and  after  pictures  for  you?
The  whole  idea  of  getting  Botox  or  Fillers  is  to  help  you  look  fresh  and  younger-­‐‑
looking  without  appearing  as  if  you  had  any work done. Botox and fillers aren’t meant to create a new appearance, they are meant to enhance your already beautiful appearance. You  don’t  want  to  look  plastic,  fake,  and  frozen. You  don’t  want  your  practitioner  to  overdo  it.

That  is  why,  when  shopping  for  someone  to  administer  your  injections,  don’t  seek
out  the  cheapest  price.  Instead,  find  the  most  skilled  professional  with  the  best
reputation  and  skills.    After  all,  it  is  your  face  we  are  talking  about  not  how
much  you  can  save.
And  remember,  you  want  to  find  an  expert,  a  professional  who  will  give  you  a
healthy,  natural  look  that  does  not  appear  plastic and frozen.
Call now to schedule a consultation with our certified injector today to take the first step to a happy, youthful appearance! (214)730-6300

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