Retinol – Is it Worth All of the Hype?

Retinol- Is it worth all of the hype?


We have all heard the hype, and have all probably had someone recommend incorporating  retinol into our daily  skincare routines.  But is this so called fountain of youth serum really worth it? Do retinoids actually reverse, protect, and prevent wrinkles? Yes. Retinol is beyond worth the hype, but there’s a catch.  Most over the counter retinol does not come close to the prescription level dermatologists prescribe.  So, we have all these drugstore counters filled with retinol products, that don’t seem to really be doing the job! I have discussed with our skincare experts here, and have gotten all the info on why we should ignore those products, what products are perfect, and why you need retinol in your life.


  1. What is Retinol?

Retinol is the most natural form of Vitamin A.  There are other compounds of retinoids such as: retinoic acid (also known as tretinoin), retinyl palmitate, and retinaldehyde.  All of which are used in skincare products, whether it’s acne products or anti aging products.  It is a holy grail product used by dermatologists and estheticians alike.  Regular use of this stuff can promote, brighter, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

  1. What does retinol do for your skin?

Depending on the compound, retinol can be used to help diminish acne and acne scars.  It can also be used to help minimize the wrinkles, and smooth out skin.  The greatest thing about retinoids, is that helps speed up cell turnover.  Which virtually helps any skin issue!

  1. What’s the difference between Retin-A and Retinol?

So you have probably seen both on skincare labels, but what’s the actual difference? Well, it’s really the way they are formulated.  Retinol is a natural version of Vitamin A and is usually added with other ingredients in other products.  Retin-A is a synthetic form of retinol created by scientists from other ingredients in labs.  The difference on your skin is that Retin-A is much more potent than Retinol, so it depends on the level you need!

  1. What are other uses?  

Retinol works wonders on acne, especially with people who are sensitive to salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  It also a perfect fix for hyperpigmentation, since it is great for cell turnover.

  1. Why you SHOULD add retinol into your skincare routine.

It’s never too early or too late to start using retinol! Most dermatologists recommend starting in your mid to late 20’s.  But retinol amazing effects can be seen at any age, and can reverse some serious sun and skin damage!

  1. What are the side effects?

The key with retinoids is to remember less is more! A pea size amount goes a long way.  Because it is a strong product, and can be drying those with overly sensitive skin or symptoms like eczema should use sparingly.  It will not irritate if used less often on those skin types; however, daily use could cause some irritation.

  1. Can you incorporate it gently?

A tip for adding retinol into your routine is to add it before all of your nightly creams and let it dry first.  Extra moisture can actually cause irritation with retinoid products

  1. Can you only wear it at night?

Retinoids are extremely potent, and can even be drying, so having them on during the day is typically not a good idea if you are using Retin-A.  A lot of daily and daytime moisturizers promote retinol as an active ingredient. The catch is there is barely any in these products.  Wearing heavy retinol during the day could cause easier buring from the sun! So try to stick to a night time routine, and always wash your face and wear sunscreen in the morning!

  1. Does retinol replace steps in your skincare routine?  

Because Retinoids promote cell turnover, many people think they can skip the exfoliation.  You still need to exfoliate because it helps to shed the dead skin cells so you can replenish your skin with moisture.  However, doing your exfoliation less often when using retinol is definitely acceptable!

  1. How long, until you see results?

With prescription Retin-A you can see results with skin texture and wrinkles in as little 6 weeks, and 10 weeks with over the counter retinol.  With acne you can see slight results in at least 24 hours, so it really works!


Some Products to use!



Retinol Complete

retinol complete bottle

Although this product uses retinol and not Retin-A it is specially formulated with botanical extracts to give you the strongest and most potent mixture of retinol without being too harsh. SO…that means you get all the effects of prescription grade Retin-A in an all natural formula!!

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