Quick Tips to Beat Holiday Bloating!

The holidays are filled with memories, family, and of course lots of comfort food! These times are meant to be enjoyed but dealing with post holiday bloating can be quite uncomfortable. Now that the holiday season has started it seems harder than ever to stick to your normal clean eating routine but here are some quick tips from Fitness RX Women magazine on how to beat the holiday bloat:


1.) Reduce Carbohydrates:
When we take in too many carbs our bodies tend to hold on to water adding excess water weight to your body. If you are trying to shed this excess water weight simply reduce your carb intake by 20-30% of your diet for a week or so. This will allow your body to use the extra carbs and shed the water weight.

2.) Cleanse with Green Veggies:
Veggies! Don’t you love em?! Green vegetables like broccoli, kale, and asparagus are full of antioxidants and act like natural diuretics helping to cleanse your system. So when you go to make your post holiday smoothie, throw some veggies in for a nice refreshing detox, your body will thank you!
3.) Stimulate Your Metabolic Rate:
Add some heat to your holidays! Foods such as chili peppers and green tea are great metabolism boosters. Chili peppers contain capsaicin which has been shown to increase metabolic rates and crave appetites. In addition, green tea also increases your metabolism rate for a boost of energy full of antioxidants!

4.) Up The Intensity:
Even though the holiday season might leave you wanting to cuddle up and binge watch your favorite Netflix show, it is important to get back into your regular workout routine. It might feel a little sluggish at first but pick up on your cardio routine and aim for longer more intense sessions.
Utilize these great tips to help beat and holiday bloating and get back to your active self in no time! Also be sure to check out our November newsletter for some healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday meals. This month are highlighting Brussel Sprouts Made Right!


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