Paying for Quality

Do  you  shop  for  Botox  and  fillers  by  price?  
Don’t. All too often, we get calls asking how much our Botox is… Although we love that potential clients and current clients are inquiring about Botox, we hate that question… Here’s why:
It’s  much  more  important  to  shop  for  skills  and  expertise  versus  price.
Have  you  been  out  and  about  and  seen  women  whose  face  looks like a deformed Barbie doll?    Maybe  one  eyebrow  is  higher  than  the  other,  or  their  lips  are  so  big
that  they  look  like  someone  blew  them  up,  don’t  scare  your  kids  and  others.
When  I  see  that,  I  feel  sorry  for  them  because  obviously  they  went  to  the  wrong
person  and  the  wrong  med  spa.
So,  what  can  you  do  to  keep  that  from  happening  to  you?
Here  are  some  tips  to  ensure  you  are  in  good  hands:  
1.  Do  your  homework  –  check  out  who  is  the  best.
2.  Research  their  reputation  and  reviews.
3.  Call  them  and  reserve  a  consultation – this gives both you and the injector time to go over your expectations, goals and budget.
4.  Ask:
a.    How  long  they  have  been  performing  injections,  and  to  see  their
b.    In  addition,  ask  to  view  before  and  after  pictures.
c.    And,  if  they  are  licensed  professionals.
5.  Do  they  offer  a  follow-­‐‑up  visit  and  provide  before  and  after  pictures  for  you?
The  whole  idea  of  getting  Botox  or  Fillers  is  to  help  you  look  fresh  and  younger-­‐‑
looking  without  appearing  as  if  you  had  any work done. Botox and fillers aren’t meant to create a new appearance, they are meant to enhance your already beautiful appearance. You  don’t  want  to  look  plastic,  fake,  and  frozen. You  don’t  want  your  practitioner  to  overdo  it.

That  is  why,  when  shopping  for  someone  to  administer  your  injections,  don’t  seek
out  the  cheapest  price.  Instead,  find  the  most  skilled  professional  with  the  best
reputation  and  skills.    After  all,  it  is  your  face  we  are  talking  about  not  how
much  you  can  save.
And  remember,  you  want  to  find  an  expert,  a  professional  who  will  give  you  a
healthy,  natural  look  that  does  not  appear  plastic and frozen.
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Too Young for Botox? Think again

People may think Botox at such a young age isn’t necessary, but those people are sadly mistaken. Botox in your 20s in actually a great investment in present and future self. Studies have shown that using Botox as a preventative measure against wrinkles can help increase the longevity of youthful skin.

In 2015, more than 6.7 million Botox procedures were performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 30% of those 6.7 million are used as a preventative treatment.

As a society, we are learning that prevention is key to a happy healthy life where your body is concerned, your skin is no different. “Think of your skin as piece of paper,” says Julie Russak, M.D., a dermatologist and associate professor at Mount Sinai Hospital. “The more you crinkle that paper, the more lines will be there. The less folding and crinkling, the smoother the paper will be.” Recent research shows that over time Botox can help the body “heal” existing wrinkles,and smooth the skin, which gives a more youthful appearance.

Though research is ongoing, studies suggest even more potential benefits to going under the needle, from improving hard-to-treat depression to decreasing excessive sweating to treating movement disorders.

Some are concerned that it would be highly noticeable that you have had a procedure done, however; that is not the case. Botox is a relatively quick and painless treatment that can be done on your lunch break! No one would even know you have had this procedure done!

With all the added benefits of having a Botox procedure, your next investment in yourself should be Botox.

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Big Taste, Small Waist

If you are trying to lose a few pounds or just wanting to maintain your weight Healthwise is the answer for you. They are low carb, low sugar, high protein meal replacements. They feel you up and keep you going all day. They are a delicious way to get the pounds off or just stay on track. Healthwise has several different options ranging from shakes to soups to chili and many breakfast options to. We also offer the Healthwise supplements that help you with hunger and cravings and inch loss these supplements will give you energy all through the day.


What is Healthwise?

Healthwise is a brand out of  Georgia that specializes in nutrition- specifically meal replacements and supplements. They offer a wide variety of meal replacements like: soups, pastas, shakes, and bars; as well as a variety of snack replacements. All of the food is rich in protein and flavor while being low calorie and low carb.

At Premier Med Spa, we use Healthwise for weight loss and weight maintenance phases of certain diet programs.


Do I eat anything else besides this brand of food?

The joys of Healthwise means you can cook your own food, or eat the Healthwise products! With how simple it is to prepare any of the Healthwise meal replacements, you may find yourself reaching for a soup mix instead of all the pots and pans needed to cook your own meals!


How do they help me lose weight?

Healthwise products are high in protein to keep you fuller, longer. This paired with the low calorie, low carb makes for an overall lower calorie intake each day. The extra protein may even make you feel more energetic and be ready to go out and do more rigorous activities! You will be amazed at how much more energy when you are feeding your body for fuel and not for pleasure.


Do they taste like “diet food”?

The great part about Healthwise is they are healthy food, without the “diet food” taste! Our clients even come back to tell us their children ate all of their snack bars thinking they were for them! Healthwise has all the great flavors of the food you know and love, without all the added calories.


I am always on the go, will I be able to do this diet?

This diet is perfect for those always busy. Simply add water, shake and you’re on your way. The soups are easy to make in 60 seconds. Add water, stir, heat up and you’re ready to go! With how busy everyone’s lives are, Healthwise is the solution to the “I have no time to cook, I will just run through the drive thru.” These soups will be prepared quicker than even the drive thrus!


If you are interested in starting on a Healthwise program or just maintaining your weight, schedule an appointment with Nichole to discuss all of our options and how Healthwise can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

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The “Magic Weight Loss Shot”

Putting on weight is a lot easier than taking it off. You may feel as if you blinked and you were 20+ pounds heavier, why doesn’t it work the opposite way? If you can gain weight quickly, why can’t you take it off quickly?

What if we told you you could lose 15-20 pounds in 21 days? No, we’re not magicians. We aren’t suggesting you starve yourself and have an all liquid diet for weeks on end.

Used mainly in our spa as a jump start to healthy living, HCG is the answer to the age old question– how can I lose weight fast?

Recently, our weight loss consultant decided to embark on a 21 day journey to lose some unwanted pounds. After a total of 27 days, she managed to lose and keep 22 pounds off. With 7 inches lost, her clothes are fitting looser. She has more energy and is slowly reintroducing exercise and a well-balanced maintenance life style.

HCG is definitely the best way to kick off a healthy life style. HCG helps eliminate cravings and detoxes the body from processed foods, sugars and carbohydrates. Upon completion, a patient is slowly reintroduced to a more long-term, easy healthy living.

To find out if HCG, or one of our other weight loss programs, is right for you, call to set up a consultation with Nichole. Let Nichole help you achieve your New Years Resolution of losing weight and keeping it off!


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A new take on Energy Shots!

Vitamins are essential for healthy living, because the body doesn’t naturally produce vitamins, we must supplement or consume nutrient rich foods to survive.

Having a vitamin deficiency could be setting you back from your weight loss goals, therefore it is imperative to have these injections to help level your body’s systems.

Vitamin B12 (known as Cobalamin) is a water-soluble vitamin that helps with a multitude of normal functions of the body. B12 helps maintain the brain, nervous system, blood formation, metabolism of cells, DNA regulations and is highly involved with the metabolism of fatty and amino acids. If you suffer from, low energy, fatigue, mental fogginess, concentration difficulties, low blood pressure or muscle weakness, you could be B12 deficient.

For people struggling with weight loss, the low energy levels and fatigue can be what is preventing losing weight. The B12 injections stimulate the body to convert carbohydrates into fuel and energy at a faster rate. This enables the body to fight through the afternoon slumps, high intensity works, burn calories and melt fat to shed the pounds!

The effects of B12 should be almost immediate, unless you are B12 deficient. You’ll notice a spike in energy, without the worry of crashing or feeling on edge. The metabolizing role it plays in every cell allows it to put energy when and where it needs to go to get you through the day without feeling sluggish.

B12 helps your body extract other key nutrients from the foods we eat. If taken while maintaining a nutritious diet, your body will stop craving processed, unhealthy foods.

B12 is a complicated vitamin, its absorption and distribution process can be complex due to the digestive system. Taking B12 by injections allows for the vitamin to immediately enter the bloodstream, which allows the body to fully utilize the B12. With oral B12 supplements, most of the nutrients will be lost before your body can utilize it.

Historically, B12 was used to help cure pernicious anemia, an often deadly disease. Other than B12 deficiencies that have treatable symptoms such as fatigue, poor memory and depression, there can be other serious symptoms and illnesses such as psychosis, mania, Imersund- Grasbeck syndrome, Crohn’s or Celiac disease. However, after studies were done in the 1960’s, it was determined that B12 could help with energy, weight loss and weight control.

B12 has a very low toxicity level, because of this, side effects of B12 and large doses pose no threat or harm to the body. What can’t be used, will be expelled from the body. Side effects from B12 are extremely rare, however if anything feels “off” seek medical care.

There are different types of B12 shots depending on your needs. At Premier Med Spa, we use methylcobalamin Lipotropic injections for several reasons. Methylcobalamin B12 is a more bio-active shot than Cyanocobalamin, which means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to utilize the B12. Smokers’ bodies have a hard time converting cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin due to the toxins in their bodies. Methylcobalamin is able to help increase the metabolism and ensure the body receives optimal nutrition to sustain and maintain normal functions. This helps the body burn up its fat stores which reduces the body’s fat circumference and lowers the pounds reflecting on the scales.
Premier Med Spa utilizes the B-Lipo shot, which has a combination of essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals to provide additional support for the liver. The natural ingredients are vitamin B12, Methionine, Inositol and Choline which promote overall wellness and aid in metabolic processes. B-Lipo shots enable clients to get the nutritional support they need to shed the pounds while supporting the normal functions of the liver.

Liquid Face Lift

Daily we get asked for anti-aging solutions, so we are proud to introduce Bellafill, the filler with long-term results. It’s permanently turning back the clock and reversing the signs of aging.

“This is the first thing I’ve gotten my hands on that actually reverses the signs of aging,” Premier Med Spa owner, Katy Armstrong said. “There are a lot of things out there that prevent or delay the signs of aging, but this actually is reversing the aging process by reformulating the production of collagen.”

Bellafill, a long-term injectable filler, has been FDA approved after a 5 year study to test the effectiveness of the product. With a high satisfaction rating, Bellafill is indicated for correcting nasolabial folds and acne scars for longer than any other dermal filler.

Using a new technology that mimics natural collagen and helps promote collagen growth, Bellafill gives you a natural looking youthfulness for longer than other fillers. Immediately after the injections, you will notice a smoother appearance of wrinkles, that will continue to improve and diminish wrinkles over time.

With the help of Bellafill, you can be happy and smiling without giving away your age. Bellafill will help fill in the smile lines, leaving you with a naturally younger looking smile.

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Say Goodbye to Sun Spots

We are so excited to announce the new treatment to eliminate sun spots and get rid of skin tags!!

Katy is now offering CryoClear treatments. These quick, painless treatments use an intense freeze technology in order to get to the root of the problem! In a matter of seconds, you could be on your way to eliminating those stubborn sun spots.

This treatment is something you could do on your lunch break, or in between meetings.

With the CryoClear, you can expect a short treatment with no downtime. It simply takes a couple minutes for Katy to freeze the spot.

Over the next few days, you will be instructed to keep the area moisturized and clean. By day 10, you should start noticing the skin tag is coming off and the sun spots are lightening up. Within a month, you should notice complete healing. As your skin regenerates, you will continue to notice improvements.

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